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Celery for weight loss: Recipes and Tips

Typically, celery is used in a salad, adding piquancy products containing meat. However, its roots, leaves and seeds are also used therapeutically to treat and prevent various diseases.

In medicine, celery was used since the days of ancient Greece, and was valued for its properties as an aphrodisiac. Around the same time, began to be used as an ornamental plant, the Romans, who used its leaves for his "Crown winner."

In the traditional approach celery used to eliminate intestinal parasites. Chinese medicine recommended as a drug to treat high blood pressure due to its stabilizing components.

Originally grew up in Europe and Asia. But from the beginning of the 19th century, it also began to grow in the United States. Celery is incredibly useful for stomach, rheumatism and obesity, and best conveys its healing properties when it is consumed raw.

Useful properties of celery

One hundred grams of celery have the energy value is equal to 18 calories. It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, K, PP and minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc. Vitamin C contained in it, strengthens immune system and at the same time makes the body more resistant to new diseases.
Calcium, potassium and magnesium tidy body. Along with magnesium, iron is effective in combating the effects of anemia. Celery has the perfect amount of iron and magnesium to stop the progress of cancer. This plant has diuretic properties, which are useful in kidney problems (eg, renal colic and kidney stones), and heart disorders. Used for this purpose the root.

Because of its properties, the consumption of celery recommended for people who lead a fast paced life and is not able to maintain a healthy diet, it is an ideal ingredient for different diets (such as Japanese), based on the weight loss. Nurtured with celery in supplying energy and strengthens the effect on the body by stimulating the kidney cancer, reduce stress hormones and decrease heart rate. But he also has a hypoglycemic properties, ie it can be used in the treatment of diabetes.

Benefits of Celery slimming

These simple tips can help you find enjoyable ways to incorporate celery into your daily diet. So what's so special about the celery, which makes it effective for weight loss?

Calories that you spend on a piece of chewing and digestion of raw celery, equal calories that you get from it. This means that every time you eat it, you get a feeling of fullness and satisfaction with food without any calories at all. In addition, it has a high water content, and thus help to keep your skin, hair and nails in excellent condition.

Are there scientific evidence that eating celery, you'll actually lose weight faster than without it. Nutritional experts agree that small amounts of food throughout the day is key to keeping your metabolism working at top speed and successful weight loss. Fast metabolism means you burn more calories no matter what you do.

How to use celery for weight loss?

One of the most popular ways to use celery for weight loss is mixing it with cheese or peanut butter. However, this is not the ideal solution for those who are watching their weight. Covering celery fatty and high-calorie supplement does more harm than good. But there are many low-fat side dishes that you can add to it to make it more appetizing. For example, instead of cheese try using low-fat cottage cheese.

Add the celery for weight loss to your diet:

1.Eat celery during the day. Prepare a large amount of it washed stems and store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. When you feel hungry, just eat a couple of stem to reduce appetite.

2. Use hummus or other side dish is low in calories and fat, to add a new flavor in the use of celery.

3.Eat a couple of boiled eggs and a bit of celery for lunch. Fiber celery and egg white are a good combination to help you stay longer and avoid traction fed something to eat the next meal.

4. If you decide to quit, chew celery, every time there is a desire to reach for a cigarette. The same method would be suitable if you are prone to eating during stress. Because of the low calorie celery, you can eat it as much as you want without having to count calories.

5. Combine apple juice and celery and drink at breakfast. This can easily be done with a juicer or blender. A large glass of the resulting mixture is a good alternative to the factory juice. High fiber content of the drink will keep you satiated until lunch.

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